“Why am I Getting This Email?” You’re Asking

A welcome to old and new email subscribers

(*** Please don’t report as spam! There’s an unsubscribe link at the bottom of this email if you really don’t want to hear from me again! But it would be great if you would give me a chance to entertain you once more and read a few emails!)

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I do this all the time. I sign up for someone’s email list and if they don’t send me something on a regular basis, I totally forget about it. Then I get an email from them and I think, “Whaaaatttt? Whyyyyy?”

But this is a reminder that you signed up to get emails from me! Really, you did! I promise!

Today, I imported my email list from my old provider to Medium, because I simply forget to email you anything otherwise. My ADHD makes it almost impossible to manage more than a handful of things at one time.

If you haven’t heard anything from me in a loooong time, it’s likely because you followed me back when I had one of my old blogs — maybe Danielle McGaw, Social Media something-or-other. Or it could have been from Dani.Space. Or even one of my older blogs that I’ve totally forgotten about.

Regardless of when or how you subscribed, I’d love it if you would give me a chance to entertain you with articles and ideas in your inbox.

What can you expect?

I write about a variety of topics including ADHD, self, general life, humor, and of course, writing. I also write some fiction.

This month, I plan on writing about idea generation for writing articles, finding more time for things that matter in your life, productivity, and I’ll have some more chapters for Leaving Normal.

How often will I email you?

I’ve been sending out an update email once a month but I think that I’m going to start doing it once a week. I feel like once a month is too long and it makes it easy to forget you were subscribed. Like I said, I do this to myself all the time!

I generally don’t send out individual stories in email because I think once a week provides more value to readers.

However, if I submit a story to a publication, once they accept it they sometimes don’t uncheck the box that asks if you want to send it to your email subscribers. So, you might get a few individual stories, but hopefully it won’t happen too often.

What is this Medium thing?

Medium is a platform that allows writers to write whatever they want and earn money based on reads. The great thing for readers is that there is NO advertising! I might use an affiliate link here and there (but that’s always disclosed) but other than that, it’s an advertising free platform.

So how do they pay writers you may ask…

People pay a small membership fee ($5/month US or $50/year US) to be able to read all they want. Part of that fee goes to the writer you subscribed through, part of it goes to running Medium, and part of that goes to the writers of the articles you read. I think that’s pretty decent price to read without ads and to read on a nice clean platform that loads quickly and doesn’t really have any glitches.

Do you have to have a membership to read?

Absolutely not. As a free reader, you can read up to 3 articles a month. If you sign up for a free membership, you get two more. Also, if you sign up for a free membership, you can comment on articles you read.

As well, each week, I’ll give you at least one of my articles that is not behind the paywall and will not count towards your reads. That’s on top of my weekly newsletter.

What do you think? Will you stick around? I hope you do.

If you decide that you’d like to support writers and support my writing, you can sign up for paid membership here:



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