The Rocketbook is the Re-Usable Notebook for Everyone

Portable, erasable, upload it all to the cloud

Dani Gibbings McGaw
7 min readApr 27, 2022


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I’ve been a planner for a long time. To do lists, daily planning, weekly planning — it’s all important to me. Even though I spend a lot of time on planning (and yes, sometimes a lot of money), it helps me stay somewhat organized.

More importantly, it helps me manage my ADHD. Sometimes.

I wrote about how I use planning for my writing here:

But to be honest, my planning evolves.

Sometimes, I like to just write quick notes. Sometimes I decorate. There is no one planning system that works for me. I need to change it up to keep interested.

That’s probably why I end up buying so many different planners. I can’t even tell you how many Happy Planners I’ve bought over the years. I like that they are pretty. And I can use stickers. But I get bored.

I’m hoping with the Rocketbook notebooks, I’ll be able to avoid having to buy more planners. Once I have them all, of course (I’m only partly joking)!

What is a Rocketbook?

Rocketbook is the brand for a collection of erasable notebooks. You write on the special paper with a Frixion pen (they come in lots of colors and styles!). And when you’re done, you can erase it with a little water and the microfiber cloth that comes with each notebook.

But there’s more to it than that. Rocketbook has some really cool features.

Upload to the cloud

Each page of the Rocketbook has a little QR code in the bottom corner. Combined with a black outline, it allows you to scan your pages and then send them to whatever destination you choose. I like Google Drive but you can also scan to your email, Evernote, Dropbox, OneNote, OneDrive, Trello, Slack, Box, or your photos.

Choose to send your files as a JPG, PDF, or even a GIF.