My 2023 Freelance Life Strategy

I’m trying to get it right this time!

Dani Gibbings McGaw
4 min readAug 19


If you’ve never read any of my articles before, here’s what you need to know:

  • I’ve been writing online for 20 years (ish).
  • I’ve written articles, blog posts, copywriting, news releases, resumes, ebooks, product descriptions and basically anything anyone would pay me to write.
  • I’ve written for clients and for residual income.
  • I’ve been a freelance writer while working full-time and part-time.
  • I’ve been a full-time freelance writer.
  • I’ve burned out and walked away only to come back again and again.

For the past 7 months, I’ve been working on building up my freelance writing income again.

I’m specializing for the first time, ever!

This time around, I am specializing in writing about sex, dating, and relationships. I’m also doing some writing about mental health and self-development.

I am only taking on clients that have a need for this kind of content because this is what I enjoy writing most. I have chosen topics that I think I can write about and not get bored or overwhelmed with researching.

In the past, I have taken on projects that I have no interest in so that I can make money faster. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for me. I usually end up procrastinating on it and eventually, burning out.

I’ve walked away from freelance writing more times than I can count. It was never because I didn’t like writing anymore. I just couldn’t handle writing on topics that bored me. Seriously though — who wants to write about nuts and bolts (literally) every day?

Fiverr is becoming a large part of my income

So far, most of my clients have come from Fiverr. While I appreciate this platform and it’s access to buyers of content, I don’t want this to be 100% of my income.

I have seen too many Fiverr sellers get their accounts banned for what seems like no good reasons. I’m keeping that in mind and my next step is to find clients outside of Fiverr.