It’s Time to Change Up My Medium Strategy

Because what I’ve been doing isn’t working! Is your strategy working?

Dani Gibbings McGaw
4 min readJul 11


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I’ve been on Medium for several years now. At times, I’ve made some decent money. But for the most part, it’s been a lot of bouncing around. $5 one month, several hundred dollars the next month.

That’s not working for me.

I’ve decided that I need to change strategies and clean up my account.

What are my Medium goals?

I’m not all about the money. But I do want to see my efforts rewarded. I enjoy knowing that people are reading what I write and finding some value in it. I can see what kind of articles do get reads, views and earnings, so why aren’t I making use of that information?

I don’t want Medium to be all business like for me. I like writing personal stories. But I think I’ve strayed from personal and useful to personal and “why should I care about this?”

So, my Medium goals are:

  1. Write on topics I enjoy.
  2. Narrow down my niche.
  3. Make $100 a month consistently (or more, but $100 regularly would be nice).

How will I accomplish those goals?

I’m going to combine personal and useful

There are a few topics I think I could write about on a regular basis that I have personal knowledge of and can be interesting and have some value for anyone who reads them. I think if I keep some element of personal in my Medium articles, I’ll enjoy writing.

So, I just need to decide which topics I want to write about most that might also make decide money.

What niche should I do?

I haven’t decided which niche I want to write about on Medium but I have narrowed it down to these:

  1. Side hustles
  2. Freelance/fiction writing
  3. Being a Gen-X woman

I have a lot of those articles already but I also have a lot of other articles that don’t fit in any of those niches. I’m going to save and then delete the articles that don’t fit into the niche…