Interested in LPN Programs?

Read This First!

Dani Gibbings McGaw
4 min readNov 6, 2021


Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Becoming a LPN, licensed practical nurse, is a big decision. In fact, working in any healthcare field requires a special person. The work is hard, the hours are long and the thanks are few and far between.

A healthcare career in nursing, however, has rewards that can’t be measured. Personal satisfaction. The knowledge that you helped someone in their time of need. Being an integral part of the healthcare team.

So, what do you need to do before applying for LPN programs and embarking on this journey?

Job Shadow:

Call the Human resources department at your local hospital or a nearby long-term care facility (nursing home). Tell them you are interested in attending LPN programs and you were wondering if they offered a job shadowing program.

This concept is great for those who are curious about the day-to- day routine of a LPN or any healthcare worker.

Basically, after security clearance, you follow a LPN for a few hours on their shift. You don’t help, just observe. The experience is priceless. You should know at the end of the shift if you will enjoy this career for the next 30 years.

Informational Interview:

Another step in your research should set up an informational interview. You’d expect the admissions office at your local college to be available for this. It’s their job. They are selling a product, a degree at their college. Be innovative.

If it has always been your dream to work at Mott’s Children, then by all means, schedule an informational interview there. Tell the Human Resources department that you are registering for LPN programs and would love the opportunity to talk to them for a few minutes about the field.

Be sure to write out some killer questions before you go and save the representatives business card for when you graduate. Don’t forget to take the time to send a thank you note.

Research Schools and Programs:

If you live down the street from a community college that offers one of the many LPN programs and you know that’s where you’ll attend, fine. If not, be sure to research the program…