I Just Applied for Fiverr Pro

And now I have imposter syndrome

Dani Gibbings McGaw
2 min readApr 13


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I’ve been writing online for around 20 years. I know. That’s a long time. Don’t judge me for not being a huge success. Because I already do.

I started writing for clients on Fiverr at the beginning of 2023. Well, I started working on Fiverr again. I had an account back in the days when everything was $5. I gave up on it because — well, everything was $5! It wasn’t worth my time.

But recently, I came across Alex Fasulo and her social media accounts about how she’s killing it on Fiverr and I thought, “Why not give it another shot?”

I wrote about how my first three months have gone here:

This morning, I decided to apply for the Fiverr Pro program. Now, I’m totally wondering if I should have waited.

Fiverr Pro is a program that gives sellers a huge advantage.

Firstly, it’s Fiverr’s way of saying, “These are the best of the best in their niche.” So, sellers expect a lot more.

Second, sellers charge more. Anywhere from $100 and up for a blog post. I’ve never charged that much for a blog post in my life!

So, I have huge imposter syndrome. I’m sure that no one would pay that much for a blog post I’ve written and I’m sure Fiverr will see I’m a complete fraud.

After all, if I could be making that kind of money for one blog post, why aren’t I already making a living from freelance writing? Nevermind that I have made a living from it. I’ve supported a family of four by writing for clients. I’m not doing it right now, though.


I think we all have imposter syndrome at some point. I’m just not thrilled about feeling the way I do right now.