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Dani Rene
Not my first time at this rodeo. Professional writer for 20+ years. | Find me on Ko-Fi: or my website:
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I’ve been on Medium for a year and a half and I still haven’t introduced myself to you! Maybe it’s about time I did.

On Medium I write about: relationships, ADHD, money/income/side gigs, fiction, life, mindfulness, and many other topics. My writing is personal; if that’s not your thing you…

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If you’re comparing yourself to other writers (like Tim Denning) just stop. You’re hurting yourself.

I’m not a huge Denning fan. I read his content and I find a lot of value in it. …

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I have a real internal problem with taking medications of any kind. I feel like it is some kind of failure that I can’t be self-disciplined enough to do the things that may help me without them. Like for my diabetes, I felt like I should have been able to…

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I’m sure you’ve thought about this. Most people have. It’s that common question, “What would you do if you won the lottery?”

If I could live anyway I wanted, I would live a nomadic lifestyle. Part of the time, I would choose to spend with my partner, but I would…

For the love of writing, please stop with the clickbait titles!

Don’t tell writers they can make $500/month on a site when you know darned well it can take years…

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Being a writer can be a very lonely job. You work from home or from a coffee shop. You can’t stop in the lunchroom for a chat. There’s very little human interaction.

Author or writer collaborations can help take away from the loneliness. It gives you a great excuse to…

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Whether you are talking about building a blog or building engagement or building followers on a social network, there are two key points that are critical.

  1. Time
  2. Consistency

You need to give it time. You can’t build up a blog following and readership and you can’t get followers/likes/engagement overnight. Anyone…

Dani Rene

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